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double faith最新情報

どなたか以下の英文を翻訳してください。英語版のWikiの「靭帯」についてです。In its most common use, a ligament is a short band of tough fibrous connective tissue composed mainly of long, stringy collagen fibres. Ligaments connect bones to other bones to form a joint. (They do not connect muscles to bones; that is the function of tendons.) Some ligaments limit the mobility of articulations, or prevent certain movements altogether.Capsular ligaments are part of the articular capsule that surrounds synovial joints. They act as mechanical reinforcements. Extra-capsular ligaments join bones together and provide joint stability.Ligaments are only slightly elastic; when under tension, they gradually lengthen. (Unlike tendons which are very elastic). This is one reason why dislocated joints must be set as quickly as possible: if the ligaments lengthen too much, then the joint will be weakened, becoming prone to future dislocations. Athletes, gymnasts, dancers, and martial artists perform stretching exercises to lengthen their ligaments, making their joints more supple. The term double-jointed refers to people who have more elastic ligaments, allowing their joints to stretch and contort further. The medical term for describing such double-jointed persons is hyperlaxity and double-jointed is a synonym of hyperlax.The study of ligaments is known as desmology.The consequence of a broken ligament can be instability of the joint. Not all broken ligaments need surgery, but if surgery is needed to stabilise the joint, the broken ligament can be joined. Scar tissue may prevent this. If it is not possible to fix the broken ligament, other procedures such as the Brunelli Procedure can correct the instability. Instability of a joint can over time lead to wear of the cartilage and eventually to osteoarthritis.

the best collaborations double
THE BEST COLLABORATIONS DOUBLEと安室奈美恵による超強力デュオが誕生 the best collaborations double.(続きを読む) FX 新着人気ブログ現在の力関係は、ドル←円←ユーロですね! 第1位 TM NETWORK WORLD HERITAGE~DOUBLE DECADE COMPLETE BOX~ 価格 ...

the best collaborations double
THE BEST COLLABORATIONS/DOUBLE; ¥3300; DOUBLEサンのジャケ写も素敵( ´艸`)☆. ついでに数日前に買ったGISELe! (画像は楽天ブックスにリンクしています). 見て!この笑顔!! 中のグラビアもとーってもかわいいんですよ☆ . ...

the best collaborations double
安室ちゃんとDOUBLEの豪華コラボがたまらない!! めざましで見たけど、PVも超カッコイイです!! 曲ももちろんカッコイイ!! BLACK DIAMONDっていう曲なんだね♪. タイトルまでカッコいいぞ♡. 「THE BEST COLLABORATIONS」めっちゃ欲しいです♡(続きを ...

double 安室
DOUBLEのコラボレーション・ベスト・アルバム 『THE BEST COLLABORATIONS』 安室奈美恵とのコラボ楽曲が収録されるそうです!! 私左側の人知らなかったw まぁ買うまではいかないかな レンタル屋で借りようと思います!!(続きを読む)(続きを読む) . ...

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コラボベスト「THE BEST COLLABORATIONS」に安室奈美恵が参加していることが分かった。このコラボレーションはDOUBLEが安室奈美恵にオファーしたのきっかけで実現したもの。2大R&Bクイーンが張り合うように歌い合う . ...(続きを読む) double famous . ...